25 Most Expensive Domain Names In History

How much does it cost to register a domain name? The answers can vary, depending on the domain name extension and the registrar where the domain is registered.

There are those who pay the price of 10 USD, 12 USD, 15 USD and so on. Usually around 8 – 15 USD for 1 year. With a note, the domain name is still new or in other words you are the first person to register the domain name.

Another case if the domain name has been registered by someone else.

You can still get the domain name you want even though the domain name has already been registered by someone else. The only condition is that the person is willing to sell it. However, don’t expect that you can get the domain name at a reasonable price.

It’s no secret that a lot of people speculate by registering a lot of beautiful domain names in hopes of reselling them at a high price in the future. Usually the domain name is just parked and not used.

If you want to get a domain name that has been registered, you must be smart to negotiate with the owner of the domain name to determine the right price. If not, get ready to dig deep into your pockets.

For information, the following is a ranking of the 25 most expensive domain names in the world that have ever been recorded in history, complete with the price at the time the domain name was purchased.

No.Domain NamePriceYear
1Business.com345 Million USD2007
2LasVegas.com90 Million USD2005
3CarInsurance.com49.7 Million USD2010
4Insurance.com35.6 Million USD2010
5VacationRentals.com35 Million USD2007
6PrivateJet.com30.1 Million USD2012
7Voice.com30 Million USD2019
8Internet.com18 Million USD2009
9360.com17 Million USD2015
10Insure.com16 Million USD2009
11Fund.com9.99 Million Pound2008
12Sex.com13 Million USD2010
13Hotels.com11 Million USD2001
14Porn.com9.5 Million USD2007
15Shoes.com9 Million USD2017
16Porno.com8.8 Million USD2015
17Fb.com8.5 Million USD2010
18We.com8 Million USD2015
19Diamond.com7.5 Million USD2006
20Beer.com7 Million USD2004
21Z.com6.8 Million USD2014
22iCloud.com6 Million USD2011
23Israel.com5.8 Million USD2008
24Casino.com5.5 Million USD2003
25Slots.com5.5 Million USD2010

Are you surprised by the fantastic price? Well, now the question is do you have a domain name that is cool and unique enough?

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