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7 Most Popular Programming Languages

There are many programming languages. Maybe the number could be in the hundreds. If you want to learn all these languages, it is clearly impossible. You can stress yourself later. It’s possible to learn everything, but certainly it won’t be deep. Most likely you will only know the basics. Because to reach the advanced level … Read more

7 Best Editors For Programmers

For programmers, editors are more than just tools in writing program code. With the right editor, a programmer can be more productive and faster in completing a computer program. As we all know that programmers require high focus and concentration at work. Therefore we need an editor with complete features so that programmers are more … Read more

History of Computer Programming Languages

Do you know who was the first programmer in the world? I’m sure only a few know. Even if the question was asked to students majoring in informatics, many of them might not know the answer. Maybe you would never have guessed before that the person who created the first computer program was actually a … Read more

How to Learn a Computer Programming Language

Learning computer programming is actually easy. You don’t have to go to school or college in informatics to become a good programmer. It should be noted that there are many well-known programmers who do not even have an educational background in information technology at all but in fact they can be successful. People who major … Read more