Privacy Policy

Date of Last Modification: September 2, 2022

At Sorsawo Digital we value your privacy. This Privacy Policy provides information on how we collect and process your personal data when you visit our website or use our services. In this Privacy Policy we also inform you about your rights as a data subject.

We do not collect any of your personal data beyond what is described in this policy. We do not process personal data in a way that contradicts the purpose for which the personal data was obtained. When processing your personal information, we will comply with the rules of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Who Are We?

Sorsawo Digital is an information technology company that provides products and services using WordPress platform. Our office is located on Pandansimo Street, Srandakan, Bantul, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Which Personal Data Do We Collect About You?

We collect these types of personal data:

a) Non-Personally Identifiable Data

The first type is non-personally-identifiable data and statistical information. Non-personally identifiable data that is being gathered consists of technical information and behavioral information that does not pertain to a specific individual (“Non-Personal Data”). This includes your device type, browser type and version, IP data, screen size and resolution, language, and other technical data. While it is not specifically personally identifiable, it may be reverse-engineered to be identifiable and therefore is considered personal data.

b) Usage Data

Usage data may include your search queries performed in the service and your activities on the services and the software you purchase and additional information of a similar nature, such as the pages you viewed and the software you bought using our service. You may opt-out from collection when using the software using the dashboard, but we still need to collect some of the data to operate, such as your identity and license keys.

c) Personally Identifiable Data

The other type of data we collect is individually identifiable data. To put it simply, this data identifies an individual or is of a private and/or sensitive nature, such as your contact information, including: (i) Personal Data that is provided by you voluntarily, such as your username, email address, and other data you filled when signing up or using our services; and (ii) Personal Data we learn from your use of the services; including your IP address, payment type, and similar information.

Please note that we use JavaScript to collect your input on various forms in our website, and therefore this data may be retained even if you did not press “Submit” or a similar button.

Why and How Do We Process Your Personal Data?

We process your personal data for the below mentioned purposes. In these circumstances we require the data to provide to you our services.

Your personal information will not be distributed to anyone else for any purpose.

a) Buying Products

We sell our WordPress plugins using Freemius secure checkout, which enables secure online payments, licensing, fulfillment, and more. The service automatically adds cookies when a user opens the checkout. Those are essential cookies for security, fraud detection & prevention, and completion of a purchase. There’s no way to check out without letting the service use cookies.

For purchases made other than through the website, we also use Freemius for user accounts management and licensing.

Here’s a link to the Freemius privacy policy and its checkout cookie policy. If you wish to opt-out of Freemius’ cookies setting please go to their cookie policy and follow their opt-out instructions.

b) Subscription to Our Newsletter

Do you want to stay informed about our products and services? When subscribing to the our newsletter on the website, you will have to provide us with consent to send you our newsletter. Withdrawing said consent can be easily done by clicking “Unsubscribe” underneath any newsletter-mail. When subscribing to the our newsletter, we will ask you the following information:

  • Your first and last name;
  • Your email address.

Everyone who buys a Sorsawo Digital product will automatically receive our newsletter. Reason for this is that our newsletter contains a lot of product-related content that can be very useful for you as a user of our product. You can easily unsubscribe by clicking the “unsubscribe” button underneath any newsletter-mail at any time.

We transfer the above information to Mailchimp, the processor who sends out the Sorsawo Digital newsletter. When you unsubscribe, Mailchimp will remove your email address from the mailing list.

c) Commenting

When you comment on one of our posts on the website, such as on the blog, we will request your name and email address. This is for the necessity of commenting on the blog post. This information will be stored on that particular web page for as long as it exists.

Contacting Sorsawo Digital

If you have any questions or complaints about this privacy statement, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this website, you can contact us via our contact page.