Terms of Service

Date of Last Modification: January 20, 2023

These terms & conditions apply to the products and services provided by Sorsawo Digital to you as a user of products and services provided by Sorsawo Digital for which you have paid the applicable fees.

Website Design

Sorsawo Digital starts working on the project after receiving a minimum down payment of 30% of the total costs to be paid. Unless there is another agreement, you must settle any remaining payments once the project is complete and ready for publication. Your website will be made active once all payments are received.

If you decide to use the domain and hosting services provided by Sorsawo Digital, the domain and hosting fees must be paid annually.

If you require additional services, there will be an additional fee that must be paid. These additional costs will be included in the invoice and must be paid after the project is completed.

Delays in project completion can occur if:

  • There is a delay in payment.
  • You request changes in the design, structure or content of the project.
  • You request additional services related to the project.
  • There is a delay in receiving material from you, for example content or images.

The project completion time is only an estimation and can change at any time according to circumstances. At any time and at its sole discretion, Sorsawo Digital may decide to postpone the project.

All the services we provide are guaranteed 100% satisfaction. We will not stop working until you are completely satisfied with the solutions we offer. That is our commitment.

However, at any condition Sorsawo Digital will not be responsible for fulfilling your requests that are unreasonable or outside of the original agreement.

In other words, the 100% satisfaction guarantee will only be provided by Sorsawo Digital within the framework of the original agreement with you.

Unless there is another agreement, all project status is determined as “completed” after a period of 1 month has passed, calculated from the date of submission of the final project results. This means no more work will be done on the project and no more services will be provided. This does not apply to hosting and domain services, which are provided separately from the project status.

Due to the nature of web design and programming work, it is possible for a website to appear differently on different devices. Screen resolution, operating system, and browser software are just a few examples of variables that can affect the appearance of a website. You should be aware of such possible variations and Sorsawo Digital will not be held responsible for them.

WordPress Plugins

a) Ownership

All plugins are property of Sorsawo Digital. Claiming any type of intellectual or exclusive ownership rights of our products is strictly prohibited.

Our plugins are provided “as is” without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied. We shall not be liable for any damages, including but not limited to, direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages or losses that occur due to the use or inability to use our plugins.

b) Support Services

We provide support for your active subscriptions in the best way we can. We mainly do this via e-mail and might occasionally use different channels. You can reach us using contact form. Availability and manner of contacting will be published on the Sorsawo Digital website and other channels.

c) Installation Services

When you purchase our software, you can install this in different ways. You can choose between automatic and manual installation. You are entirely free to choose which installation flow you would like to follow. Although we do our best to prevent any bugs we cannot take responsibility for any complications that occur when you install our software, such as security complications and downtime of your website. Before installation make sure that your website is compatible with our software.

d) Update Services

We will from time to time release updates to the software. Those updates aim to improve functionality or address bugs or limitations. The released updates are available to you if you have an active subscription. We always want to improve the user experience. We therefore encourage you to address any issues you come across. Your feedback is important to us for future updates. Sorsawo Digital is the owner of any and all updates and will make these available under the GPL license as with all our software.

Updates can be installed in two manners; manual and automated. If you choose to manually update, we will send you a notification whenever a new update is available, which you can then install. When you choose automated updates you will need to consent to automated updates, after which new updates will be automatically installed. Beware that you are responsible for the compatibility of your website with the new updates, regardless of the manner of installation.

e) Consideration

Support and updates are only available for any software for which you have paid the applicable fees. After we receive your initial subscription fee, the software will be immediately available to you. For subsequent terms fees are due in advance and must be paid in the manner(s) made available by Sorsawo Digital. In most cases, refunds are available up to 14 days after payment, see our refund policy for details.

We may once every payment period adjust the fees for the next payment period. We will announce all price changes in advance on our website or via email. If we increase the price within three months after you bought or product, you may terminate the agreement.

We may cancel or limit our service to you in case:

  • The website(s) in question contain(s) explicit or offensive content;
  • You or your staff does not behave in a civil manner towards our personnel;
  • You repeatedly make demands that are unreasonable or clearly outside the scope of the contract.

If this is the case, you will receive a written statement with the reason why we limited or suspended our services to you.

f) Confidentiality

We will keep strictly confidential all non-public information from you that we may collect in connection with your use of the software. This does not apply to any suggestions for updates you have made.

g) Limitation of Liability

Except in case of intentional misconduct or gross negligence, we accepts no liability for any damages caused in connection with the services under this agreement. This includes but is not limited to damages in the form of data loss, failure to operate, lost revenue or missed profits.

h) Term

The agreement is active from the day we receive your initial fee payment and will last for the chosen subscription term. The agreement is renewed for the same term when we receive further payments. Both you and we can cancel the subscription at any time by the end of the billing period.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these terms and conditions, please contact us via the contact form. Thank you for doing business with us.