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Advantages of Email With Your Own Domain Name

It must be admitted that popular free email service providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook or Zoho provide email accounts with various attractive conveniences and facilities to their users. All you have to do is fill in some personal data such as name, address and date of birth and then in a few minutes you … Read more

25 Most Expensive Domain Names In History

How much does it cost to register a domain name? The answers can vary, depending on the domain name extension and the registrar where the domain is registered. There are those who pay the price of 10 USD, 12 USD, 15 USD and so on. Usually around 8 – 15 USD for 1 year. With … Read more

10 Ways to Choose a Unique and Interesting Domain Name

The domain name is one of the factors that determine the success of a website. A domain name that is unique, short and easy to remember will certainly make a deep impression on visitors. Especially if the website has a very interesting design and content. Ideally, in choosing a domain name you should pay attention … Read more

3 Tips for Choosing a Domain Extension for Your Website

Every time you register a new domain name, you will definitely be faced with two choices of domain extensions namely gTLD (generic Top Level Domain) and ccTLD (country code Top Level Domain). This will probably make you confused. What are gTLD and ccTLD? To be clearer, I will first discuss briefly what the differences between … Read more