How to Create a Strong and Secure Password

It can be said that creating a secure password is difficult. On the one hand you want to create a complex password so that it is not easy for others to guess. The goal is to be safe. But on the other hand, the risk is quite large, namely FORGET.

For that reason, it often makes you underestimate the password. Often people create passwords that are the easiest to remember. Even the “bad” password is used in all systems that use passwords, whether it’s Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and so on.

Does anyone still have a habit like that? Don’t worry, almost everyone does too. Even including myself.

Actually it doesn’t matter if you use the same password for all systems, as long as the password is safe enough to use and the most important thing is that it is not known by other people.

The question is now, how to create a complex password, not easy for others to guess but easy to remember?

Here are 10 ways to create great, secure passwords.

Create Long Passwords

Often you create short passwords so you don’t forget them easily. But the risk is very big. Short passwords have the disadvantage that they are easy to crack. Of course no one wants to take such a risk right? So, therefore you should make a password that is long enough, at least 8 characters.

Don’t Use Words in a Dictionary

Well, this also happens a lot. I was so confused about making a password and then looking for words in the dictionary. Avoid this way because it is not safe. A lot of password cracking programs or tools are designed by matching words in dictionaries.

Don’t Use Family Member Names

Names of family members such as the names of children, husband, wife, or even favorite cats are often used to create passwords. This should also be avoided. If someone knows the ins and outs of your family, then he can also guess your password.

Combine Uppercase and Lowercase Letters

One good trick to create passwords is to combine uppercase and lowercase letters. For example, the first and last part of the password are capitalized, while the rest are lowercase or vice versa.

Use Special Characters

It would be nice if you insert special characters in the password that you create. For example, question mark (?), exclamation mark (!), asterisk (*), dollar ($) and so on. This will make your password difficult for others to guess.

Use Numbers To Replace Certain Letters

Another trick is to replace certain letters with similar numbers. For example, “sorsawomagazine” can be replaced with “s0rs4w0m464z1n3”. This will also make your password more secure.

Combined Words Are Better Than Single Words

It’s a good idea to use word combinations to create passwords. This will make your password longer and harder to guess. For example, you can create a password “1L0v3Y0u****” which is a combination of the words “I Love You ****”.

Remove Vowels

Another cool trick is to remove every vowel in the password. For example, you create a password “Srswmgzn” which comes from the word “Sorsawo Magazine”.

Use Reversed Words

Reversing the word is also a technique for creating passwords that are very secure and of course easy to remember. You can create a password from a word or term that you like and then reverse it. For example, “sorsawomagazine” when reversed becomes “enizagamowasros”.

Use Password Generators

The last alternative, if you are stuck and don’t know what password to make, you can create a password using a special tool, for example the Password Generator from Norton. You will get a really secure and complex password. Even you will find it difficult to remember the password, hehehe….

Perhaps you have a more practical way?

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