How to Renew Your License?

Your subscriptions will be renewed automatically. Your license will be automatically extended based on the billing cycle once a renewal payment is properly processed. If the renewal payment processing is delayed, the license will be placed in expired mode until the renewal is completed.

If you cancel your subscription before it renews automatically, an automated email campaign will be sent out to you before the license expires.

You will receive the emails in this order:

  • 30 days before license expiration
  • 7 days before license expiration
  • 2 days before license expiration
  • 1 day after license expiration

Each email contains a secure direct link to renew the license.

If the customer renews the license prior to the expiration date, the license will be extended for an additional 30 or 365 days (based on their selected billing period).

For example, if the license was renewed 5 days prior to the expiration, and the customer has chosen an annual billing cycle, the license will expire 370 days after the renewal date (5 days + 365 days).